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Friday, 3 November 2017

6 Digital ways to change the pharma & healthcare industry

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is rapidly coming to terms with digital technology.
Here are the 6 biggest trends.

1. Better patient communication

Patient portals, apps and online communities are increasingly commonplace. The second and third generations of this technology should help improve customer experience.

2. Providing services, not just drugs

Pharma companies have always engaged with the end consumer but digital technology ultimately promises much greater scale.

3. Improving diagnostics and adherence

The concept of the connected human being given personalised care and improved diagnostics is one long foreseen by science fiction. Since wearables entered the market, the idea of ongoing measurement has seemed less fanciful. 

4. Better sales practices

Increasingly, pharma companies are using digital technology (both customer facing and back-of-house) to provide this. CRM systems can achieve a single customer view and digital communication channels can provide access to samples and resources (for HCPs and patients).

5. R&D and supply chain efficiency

A common theme in the digital transformation of any industry, the digitization of the supply chain represents a security risk to pharma but is a necessary step in meeting raised expectations from all parties.

6. Real-world data and drug development

The proliferation of health analytics solutions has implications for drug development, too. Manufacturers will have access to much more real-world data and this will undoubtedly assist in understanding the effects of a drug.
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