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Monday, 18 December 2017

Four Digital Tools in Global Clinical Trials

Digital health encompasses a few technologies: mobile health (mHealth), health information technology (HIT), wearable devices, telehealth, telemedicine and personalised medicine, for example. But only recently have we seen healthcare providers move from experimenting with these solutions to fully deploying them..Following tools to be taken advantage of

1) Social Media
    Social media is used by trial sponsors and CROs across a variety of applications,          from setting up recruitment websites to educating trial participants.

2) Apps-Technology companies have even begun to develop apps for electronic               labelling of investigational medicines, using QR codes that can be scanned to               convey instructions for use.

3) Wearable Devices
    The popularity of Fitbits and other wearables has exploded, helping patients monitor      their bloodpressure, glucose levels and other risk factors whilst also facilitating              medical access to information about symptoms, disease patterns and adverse              events.

4) Companion Diagnostic Devices
    Technology companies are developing in-vitro companion diagnostic devices that       pharma companies can use to target specific diseases based on patients’personalised  genomic profiles. Diagnostic tests can help healthcare providers weigh a product’s benefits and risks,and may also be helpful for data-gathering purposes. As a result they may encourage drug companies and regulatory bodies to share   data.

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