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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Life Sciences must adapt to the Digitisation to survive

SAP’s global vice president of life sciences, Joe Miles indicates that customer centricity and the rise of an Amazon-style digital supply chain will lead to healthcare and life sciences organisations competing as an ecosystem.

Life sciences companies are already accustomed to collaborating with external partners in R&D, manufacturing and supply chain management – but digitalisation is moving these partners ever closer.
Digital supply chain and smart factories mean that supplier networks could either operate at very small, or very large, scale, to match the needs of a few patients or large cohorts.
It also highlights some of the drivers behind the digital revolution – more than 75% of patients expect to use digital services, and the cost of implementing them has fallen drastically.
The proliferation of electronic devices on the market has also led to this increased digitisation of healthcare.

Digital communication allows the creation of collaboration, not just between two organisations, but several different stakeholders in the healthcare space.
Whether or not it’s Amazon that does the disrupting, the digital revolution has set Darwinian forces in motion – and pharma must evolve, and sharpen all areas of operation in order to survive.

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