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Saturday, 16 December 2017

Partnership between Lilly and Rimidi on digital diabetes management tool

Pharmaceutical companies in the diabetes market are all investing in tech to help doctors and patients manage the condition.
Lilly yesterday announced the next component in the ‘beyond the pill’ strategy it is constructing for diabetes, a new alliance with digital health company Rimidi.
The pharma company is already developing its own diabetes management ‘ecosystem’ and has chosen Rimidi to provide the diabetes management software platform that will underpin it.
Dexcom is one of a new breed of companies developing continuous glucose monitoring (GCM) devices, which are set to play a major role in type 1 diabetes management. It has forged alliances with numerous companies in the field, including Rimidi and Lilly, each company ensuring their devices, software and data systems are compatible, a move seen as essential in order to gain traction at this early stage of the digital diabetes market.


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