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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Top 5 Digital Priorities for Healthcare Organizations


Digital innovation is quickly taking hold at healthcare organizations across the country as a way to offer better patient care and reduce clinician workload.

American Hospital Association and AVIA’s Executive Report lays out five priorities for digital innovation:

1) Patient-generated data and customized services:New technologies, such as wearables, have entered the scene and offered healthcare providers mountains of data they haven’t had before

2) Network utilization and management:Digital solutions can help to solve this problem in a variety of ways, including tracking patient utilization data to report and analyze profitability, improving demand management by confirming referral appropriateness and patient readiness, and improving service and access by simplifying scheduling,” the report states.

3) Referral management and in-network retention: Logic-based digital tools can offer analysis and decision support to help hospitals and organizations play matchmaker.

4) Social community support: Emerging digital solutions can play a big role in improving public health and supporting underserved populations effectively. These solutions offer “new opportunities to share data and connect to community partners, providing a virtual network to support the patient

5) Convenient patient access: Digital solutions offer opportunities to make it easier for patients to conveniently access their healthcare services, including remote diagnostic tools like telemedicine or virtual exams.

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